Structural Adhesives

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Structural adhesives are valid system to assembly various materials, they have high mechanical seal, they are available in epoxy and polyurethane types.

With structural adhesives the bonding results transparent and it does not turn yellow over time.

Advantages of the bonding with structural adhesives:

  • rapid

  • long-lasting

  • stronger

  • they don’t create thickness

  • they don’t create dermatitis and erythema with contact with skin

  • they have good shocks and vibration resistance

  • they have good thermal shocks resistance

Between the structural adhesives are available:

  • Epoxy two-component adhesives: they are a valid solution for bonding glass, pottery and mirror. The bonding of epoxy adhesive can be fast or slow and it is transparent. They are supplied in double cartridge 50 gr. and are used putting the double cartridge on the spray gun. Once you press the adhesive it will pass through the mixing nozzle and it will be ready to use.

  • Polyurethane adhesives: they are special adhesives, with a polyurethane base, their characteristic is that they have a transparent glue film highly flexible, elastic and adhesive, they are odorless and solvent-free. They represent a valid solution for the bonding of different materials: glass, leather items, wood, cloth on wood and paper, pvc on raw and painted metals, pvc cellular, hydraulic systems and rain water drains, expanded polystyrene, edges… Polyurethane adhesives are highly resistant to heat and cold. Polyurethane adhesives are available in jars of: 0,5kg – 1kg – 10kg – 100kg. The 0,5 and 1kg jars are supplied with the special nozzle for realizing some points or extend cord on surface to stick or just to dose the polyurethane adhesives for paint and spreading on the surface to glue.


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