Adesivi poliuretanici Polyurethane adhesives

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Polyurethane adhesives are special adhesives, with a polyurethane base, one component, hygrohardening. The characteristic of polyurethane adhesives is that they have a transparent glue film highly flexible, elastic and adhesive, they are odorless and solvent-free.

Polyurethane adhesives are highly resistant to heat and cold, for their excellent characteristics of elasticity, flexibility and adhesion it is especially suitable for bonding:

  • Friezes and wooden frames

  • Polyurethane on polyurethane

  • Glass

  • Leather items

  • Wood and painted wood

  • Cloth on wood and paper

  • Metal plates

  • Drywall with drywall or with other materials

  • PVC on raw and painted metals

  • PVC cellular

  • Hydraulic systems and rain water drains

  • Polystyrene

  • Edges – general coupling and coating

Polyurethane adhesives are available in jars of: 0,5kg – 1kg – 10kg – 100kg.

The 0,5 and 1kg jars are supplied with the special nozzle for realizing some points or extend cord on surface to stick or just to dose the polyurethane adhesives for paint and spreading on the surface to glue.



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