Solvent Adhesives

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Contact and spray adhesives are characterized by good heat resistance and high yield, they are industry products, specifically indicated for spray bonding of:

  • foam materials

  • polystyrene

  • wood

  • cloths in general

  • glass

Between contact and spray adhesives are available these products:

  • AC49 Contact adhesive: used only in industrial fields, it is applied with the spray air brush. The contact adhesive AC49 it is available in metal kegs of 22kg.

  • AS FIX Spray adhesive: high quality spray adhesive it has high speed of action and fine distribution and it allows to easily obtain excellent bonding. The spray adhesive AS FIX is available in 400ml spray bottle.

  • AS21 Spray Adhesive: high performances spray adhesive, it is a technical product used in industrial fields for bonding on: metals, glass, wood, expanded materials, textile materials. It has high speed of action and fine distribution, the bonding results strong and long-lasting. The spray adhesive AS21 is available in 600ml spray bottle.


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