Buildings Technologies

DAFOTEC SRL is a company of building technologies present in the world of work in a dynamic, flexible and accurate.
With our experience in the sector and knowledge of customer needs, Dafotec itself as a valid partner by providing technical support, innovative and cutting edge products created to optimize working time and enhancing the finished product to the customer.

Our philosophy is to satisfy customer needs by offering complete solutions, accurate and customized, we can provide the products and application systems more suited to your needs.

Our technical solutions for building design



Resifin is an innovative product and in step with the times, fast and easy to apply, with a pleasing finish to the eye. The profile coated with Resifin turns out to be lightweight, handy and flexible, and ready to be laid and painted.
The Resifin system is ideal to renovate and beautify all buildings free of architectural decorations, rebuild, resume and improve the aesthetic appearance of facades.
Administrator encounters a wide application in modern architecture.


Our products Resifin for the coating of polystyrene (EPS) can be used to spray with the appropriate airbrush or semiautomatic machine and electric spraying with Spalmatrice Dafotec

Among the solutions proposed for the disarming of the profiles and / or matrices in expanded polystyrene, it is present Resistac release product and the colored film in pvc

DAFOTEC is representing a valid collaborator for each specific requirement of bonding and assembly of various materials: polystyrene, expanded materials – paper and cartone- rubbers and plastics, leather and so on specific request of the working world.
We un’umpia choice of single-component adhesives and two-component