Special Adhesive Tapes



PET for industrial use and graphic arts

Special adhesive tapes are a real concentrated of adhesive tapes highly technical in the market. The supports vary from polyester to Kapton till the polyurethane, crepe paper, polyamide or polyester film in various thicknesses and with various properties.

The adhesives can be in gum-resin acrylic base or silicone.

They are ideal to use with high and low temperature, special high-temperature masking till 400°C and low temperature till 50°C.

They find a wide variety of applications

  • in electronics
  • powder coating
  • protective films, (included mini – lab)
  • manufacture or working of paper
  • manufacture of imitation leather
  • production of labels and in galvanic.

Acrylic adhesive tape offers good tack, heat resistance, high transparency, ideal for graphic arts, lamination and application of heat decoration.


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