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The innovative Spray system Dafotec it has been designed and realized in order to obtain the spray distribution of the two-component water based spray adhesive.

The two-component spray adhesive is a special product water based, made of two elements: the adhesive called ABATECH D40/BA applied in combination with the catalyst called CABATECH D40/C, the materials bond with the two-component spray adhesive Dafotec could be used in several working fields.

The two-component spray adhesive Dafotec has a good heat resistance, excellent initial setting and high yield. It is the only product that allows the cutting at hot lead of polystyrene after the sticking, with a clean and defined result.

The spray system called IMP.BI has a gun that mix and dose the two components depending on the materials to glue with an immediate grip, it is available in the industrial version and in a “mini” version.


– IMP.BI Industrial version for a regular use with the arrangement for 2 operators at the same time:

  • Structure with wheels, at one exit, with predisposition for two spray gun

  • 1 Spray gun to spray the two-component adhesive with separate distribution of the adhesive and of the catalyst

  • 2 Tanks in stainless steel from 18 litres complete with safety valves, junctions and filters, in a specific plastic material

  • 3 Manometers for the pressure of the adhesive, of the catalyst and of the compressed air, with relative pipes for rapid clutch

  • ATTENTION: the spray system needs only compressed air, that allows it to be used both in company in construction site or everywhere you need to glue.

– IMP.BI MINI has the same characteristics as IMP.BI Industrial version but it is especially realized in a “mini” version, it has a predisposition for one spray gun and tanks with a capacity of 9LT.


  • Polystyrene with polystyrene – polystyrene with wood – polystyrene with metals

  • Polystyrene with PVC

  • Expanded materials

  • Tissues in general


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