Resins to covering profiles in Eps



Resifin is an innovative product and up with the times, it means, easy and fast to apply, with a pleasant finish to see.

The profile covered with Resifin results to be light, handy, flexible and ready to be applied and painted.

The Resifin system is ideal to renovate and decorate all the buildings with no architectural decorations, to rebuild, to regain and to improve the aesthetic appearance of the facades.

Resifin is widely used in the modern architecture, but not only: Dafotec’s resins are used for the covering and hardening of polystyrene (Eps) in the construction industry and also in the fields of: furniture, advertising and scenic design.

The article called “Resifin” includes 2 types of products:

  • the material to be mixed before use

  • the material ready to use without adding others components.

Dafotec’s resins specific for the covering of manufacts in polystyrene (Eps), are ideal to be used with the following equipment:

  1. APPRES – Hand spray gun for resin-spraying that needs only compressed air

  2. PR01 – Electrical machine for resin-spraying for professional and steady results

  3. SPALMATRICE DAFOTEC for doing the semi-automatic covering of the polystyrene


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