Disarming – Resistac



 Disarming for quarterdeck in polystyrene and/or matrix in lattices.

Resistac appears like a milky paste  of average viscosity and it must be applied to the quarterdecks at spray or brush.

Resistac is particularly suitable for removing polystyrene quarterdecks and matrix in lattices because the handmade articles obtained with Resistac are highly smooth.

It is available in 3 versions: oily type, in paste, ecological formula.


The Disarming Dafotec is a pre-emulsified ready to use product, with a excellent adhesion to the walls of the formwork in polystyrene and/or matrix in lattices, on which it creates a protection that it won’t be removed from the concrete and it guarantee a perfect uniformity on the surfaces.

The Disarming Dafotec called RESISTAC03PS doesn’t affect the concrete and it doesn’t create dust on the formwork, the manufacts realized with RESISTAC03PS are highly smooth and free from bubbles, blowholes or spots, with excellent finishes and with the advantage of being plasterable and/or paintable.


  • Demoulding of prestressed concrete manufacts

  • Traditional structures that need vertical formwork

  • Needs of finishes face-to-view

The Disarming RESISTAC03PS appears like a milky paste of average viscosity and it must be applied to the formwork at spray or brush.

Buckets available: 2,5LT – 5LT.


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