Spalmatrice – Resinatrice



The machine Spalmatrice Dafotec was especially realizes to make the semi-automatic covering of the profiles in polystyrene (Eps).
The Spalmatrice Resinatrice Dafotec has been designed for improving the drawing up of the resin and unify on all manufact' surface the thickness of the covering.

The Spalmatrice Resinatrice Dafotec has the following technical characteristics:
- Automatic feed with speed regulation
  1. - Width adjustable to suit the several dimensions of profiles in EPS
  2. - Max dimensions of profile: width 68cm – height 40cm
  3. Balance of profiles for an uniform drafting of resin

Adjustable pressures for alignment of profiles

Control panel for the operator useful for its starting and turning off

These characteristics make the Spalmatrice Dafotec very appreciate from customers for these important reasons:

  1. Simplified organization of staff and work

  2. Optimization of production costs

  3. Steady quality of the profile in EPS covered with Resifin products Dafotec, suitable for the specific use with the Spalmatrice Dafotec

  4. Steady and uniform thickness on all polystyrene profile’ surface



Regularity of thickness applied on the covered profile from the first till the last item

Only one passage on the Spalmatrice Dafotec is necessary in order to finish the profile

When the operator put the profiles to be covered in the machine, the Spalmatrice Dafotec automatically recover the room between profiles continuing to work with constancy and precision


No waste of material, it is used only the resin that is applied on the profile

High productivity and reduction of time of work execution



The work with the Spalmatrice Dafotec has been especially made to respect the environment with a clean and ecological system. As a matter of fact during the work steps is avoid the spray of resin in the air and in the environment.


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