The hot-melt adhesives are solid and they are available in granules, sticks and in pats. The hot-melt adhesives are used for filling, sealing and gluing different materials:

  • plastic materials

  • paper and plasticized cardboard

  • leather and several fabrics

  • glass, metal and ceramics

  • electrical components

  • wood and other materials.

The hot-melt adhesives are widely used in these fields: Paper industry – Cardboard packaging – Toys and gifts – Footwear – Sample cases – Leather goods – Suitcases – Upholstery – Artificial flower and plant – Polystyrene – Foams – Components …

Advantages of the hot-melt adhesives:

  • they are solid and solvent-free

  • they are non-toxic and not-inflammable

  • easy to use – the quantity can be measured during the application

  • they do not produce unpleasant smells


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