Self Amalgamating Tapes



Self-agglomerate tapes (PIB/EPR) are particular products because they are not adhesive but they have the feature that when they are applied, they agglomerate themselves, changing in few minutes in a compact mass. That item is realized for rebuilding of the sheath insulation of electrical cables in the joints, for restore water mains, for nautical industry and motor sports, and they are used in gardening and do it yourself in general.


The main features are :

  • -Excellent insulating properties, waterproofing;
  • -Water resistance;
  • -Salt Water resistance in sea application;
  • -Resistance to ozone
  • -Temperature resistance
  • -Excellent electric proprieties;
  • -Protection to corrosion of metal mains
  • -Ideal in do it yourself
  • -Excellent conformability


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