High-performances Tapes



Acrylic foam tapes represent a valid alternative to mechanical devices of fixing, liquid adhesives, welding and other permanent  methods of assembly.

The products in acrylic foam are used in more industrial applications and they present a greater initial tack respect to others adhesive tapes in the market, they combine an excellent stick with performance in high temperature and they do not deform neither after long periods of time.

They resist to ultraviolet rays, waterproof and then they are ideal for internal use, resistant gaskets, bad water and for external applications. Thanks for their flexibility and conformability, they are suitable also for curved surfaces.

These products are simply and quick to apply, they have better efficiency of process, saving money and time. They are realized in a large range of industrial applications where are required duration, dynamic resistance, and high adhesive power, for example:

  • Production of commercial signs
  • manufacture of windows
  • prefabricated and mobile house
  • metal frames
  • graphic fixings, fixing of plastic profiles
  • bonding of solar panels
  • construction and assembly of trailer, caravan, commercial vehicles,
  • ship buildings.

They are available in a variety of thicknesses and colours: translucent transparent, white and black, to satisfy production requirements.


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