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  • Ribbons of various thickness aluminum adhesives, an advanced solution for the sectors of: Heating – ventilation and air-conditioning – industrial vehicles – aviation industry – the refrigeration industry


  • Special adhesive tapes of the most technical on the market. Ideal at low and at high temperature, are realized masking up to 200 ° C, excellent for the sectors of electronics – powder coating, processing paper and pretend skins, graphic arts, easy and clean removal.

  • Double coated tapes with various substrates and thicknesses: TNT – PET – TRANSFER – large range of materials using super flexible: paper – plastics – rubber – leather and fabrics in general.


  • in mono-adhesive double-sided foam tapes and in various thicknesses and colors, suitable for versatile use water, dust and any kind of sealing.


  • All Dafotec tapes are available in: roll – sheet – die-cut to measure – coupled on our customers’ materials.

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